Saturday, July 29, 2006

Two miles - woohoo!

OK, you're going to have to imagine me singing this to whatever tune you like, because let me tell you: I am singing this as I type.

I ran two miles without stopping.
I ran two miles without stopping.
I ran two miles, I ran two miles,
I ran two miles and I didn't stop!

I know, for most people this is nothing. For me? I don't think I've done this ever in my entire life! All the PE teachers I ever had are now knowingly nodding that I could have run a lot more in their classes. Even my sixth grade teacher (Mr. Sexton) whose advice to always sprint at the end of a run has stuck in my head all these years is now secretly vindicated. (Even though I probably never ran for more than five yards in his class.)

Two miles. Nice. That's the distance of the Virginia City race I'm registered for. I now know I can do it without stopping.

That almost makes up for my miserable bike ride afterward. It shouldn't have killed me, but it did. I know I've done more in the past, but the climbs just knocked me out. Granted one climb was looooonnnnggg. But that's not the one that tore me up. The shorter, steeper ones did. I even thought I did pretty well until I looked at the elevation profile (my Garmin let me down, so I had to use to figure it out. Hey, if it works, you can see my route here, and click on Distance/Elevation to see my pitiful ride.

Ah, well, then again: this ride DID follow a two mile run plus warm-up and cool-down. So, perhaps, I should be a little easier on myself. And, thinking of where I was not so long ago, I should really be proud of myself for doing this without stopping. Really, when considering the extra 70-80 pounds I'm lugging around, I conquered some monster hills! Yeah, I rocked! OK, maybe rocked is a little much, but I didn't suck! Yeah! No sucking here, dammit!

Today's Run: 2.59 miles in 34:01. Overall pace: 13:09/mi. Flat course. (Check this out: without counting the warm-up and cool-down, I went 2.0 miles in 24:04. That's an average running pace of 12:02/mi. Not too shabby, considering!)

Today's Ride: 8.16 miles in 41:33. Average speed: 11.80 mph. (For the record, there were stop signs and stop lights on this route.) Total elevation gain: about 400'.

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