Monday, July 17, 2006

Do Bugs Have Calories?

I know I ate some bugs. I just know it, but I'm not counting any calories they may have given me; I'll count them as bonus protein. Regardless, here are two lessons I learned today: I need a stronger light if I'm going to do any cycling in the dark, and I'll never, ever, ride without glasses, no matter how dorky I look with clear suglass lenses. Possible bugs in the nostrils and mouth are bad enough. In my eyes? Perish the thought.

Now, on to today's activities. I trained at the Truckee River, beginning in Idlewild park and working west. I cycled right after I ran.

I completed another Week 4 run (from Cool Running's Couch to 5k) at possibly the slowest pace imaginable. The important point is that I completed it. It was deadly hot today, so I concentrated on monitoring my pace. I just didn't want to get slower than 4mph, and I didn't. Well, once or twice, perhaps. Stats: 2.51 miles in 36:52. Overall pace: 14:40/mi. Flat course. (I'm counting the walking parts, including the warm-up and cool-down.)

My intentionally easy ride is tough to measure today. My Garmin went a little bezerk. It claims I went over 24 miles in 38 minutes. Oh, my! Comparing it to the last time I did this ride, however, gives me much more reasonable numbers. Stats: 9.09 miles in 38:29. Overall speed: 14.17 mph. Flat course.

Oh, and I forgot one other lesson. Never, never ever, yell out, "On your right," even if they're over to the left and you're just trying to warn them that you'll be zipping by. I yelled it out, and they moved to the right! Argh, almost a crash, and it really would have been my fault, because I suppose they expected me to say, "On your left." I was just trying to be nice, really.

Finally, I should mention that I went out with clipless pedals today for the first time. Very nice. I can see how they really help you work in complete motions, though I'll have to confess that they surely did not make me improve as a cyclist. I'll have to consciously work on pulling as well as pushing before I can make that claim.

From a spiritual perspective, however, I must say that clipless pedals have a bit of a Zen influence. You're no longer a rider on a bicycle. You are part of the bicycle. You've connected with the machine, and become one with it. It's a nice feeling.

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Cycle Mama said...

I eat bugs too! At least one per ride ;)