Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Morning Ride in the High Desert

I got my behind out of bed early today (after all, I really don't "have" to do anything until noon or so - oh, how I'll miss summer break) and hopped on the bike around 7:00. I beat the heat just perfectly. I thought I was doing much better than the last time I tried this route, but I averaged a much slower speed. (But, boy, did I book on the way back downhill!) I also lost about a mile on my Garmin because I stopped to take pictures (which, for some reason I can't get to show up in this blog!!!) and forgot to start it again! Oh, when will they make these devices smart enough to know they should turn on even when I forget to turn them on?

For the past many years, I decided that I would stay and teach in Reno for about five years, then move somewhere where it's green in the Pacific Northwest. Well, I'm beginning to appreciate the beauty of the desert. (Additionally, I'm repeatedly being told by people or live and/or lived in the Northwest that the weather hinders enjoyment of outdoor activities. It does take rain to make things green, after all.)

Here in Reno, there are little forests, vast valleys, a beautiful river, and within driving distance... well, you name it, it's there. Heck, I can even learn to kayak when I'm ready (and I will be)! Plus, tons of California cycling and running events are within driving distance.

I may just stay here beyond my five-year plan.

Unfortunately, I had to cut my ride short, as my chain was rubbing against the front derailleur again, and I'm afraid of doing damage if I keep riding it like that. I wonder if it's something wrong with my riding and/or shifting style that causes this. It's the second time I've needed it to be readjusted. (They said it's really just the cable needing tightening, but same difference.)

Today's ride: 8.30 miles in 35:51. Average speed: 13.9 mph. Total ascent: 431', total elevation gain: about 190'.

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