Sunday, July 16, 2006

Recharge Day (On the ninth day, she rested.)

So, the hardest thing I can do lately, or so it seems, is take rest days. I know you've only just met me, so it seems like all I've done is go on one lousy hike, but the truth is that I've exercised everyday for the past eight days, in some form or another.

Part of what bothers me, I suppose, is calling them "rest" days. So, from here on out, they'll be called "recharge" days. That sounds much better.

Now, before any critics out there begin to criticize that I'm not planning enough recharge days, please know that I'm trusting my crosstraining to give my body opportunity for "active recovery". If I cycle hard one day, I'll run the next. Different muscles, you see? In theory it should work. If and when it doesn't, it'll change.

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