Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oh, there's my school!

OK, I'm absolutely bushed (good!), so I'm not going to say much. My day began by getting up a little later than I should have to completely avoid the heat and leaving from my house and heading up towards my school (where I work). I was a bit intimidated by the first climb that I knew I'd have to take, and actually took a little side-route to kind of warm up. ("Warm up" in this context means "build courage before facing the hill".)

I then approached the hill which, unfortunately, comes right after a stop light. A teenie way up the hill, I veered into an empty parking lot to continue "warming up". I then returned and made it up the rest of the way. Tired, hot, and sweaty, but I did it without stopping or "warming up" again.

Then I was reminded that there are quite a few more (smaller) hills. Oh, yeah. Undaunted (hey, I already climbed the worst), I continued along, resting only at the top of one hill for a few moments (here, moments = minutes).

At one time, I looked up at a sign and realized, "Oh, this is the street for my school!" Don't get me wrong, I knew I would make it because it's only a little over five miles away. I was just surprised that I made it so "quickly". Turns out, it was a little under half an hour (yes, mathematicians, that's only about ten miles per hour, but I'm climbing most of the way). I could do a half-hour commute to work every day... I just have to figure out how to make myself presentable once at work. Our school doesn't have working showers.

Ah, well. I continued on and the lesson for today is this: construction trucks kick up a lot of dust. Yuck! At least I know that dust doesn't have any calories.

Stats: 14.61 miles in 59:53, Overall speed: 14.6 mph. Elevation gain: 200 feet. (Oh, my - is that all?), total ascent: 640 feet (that sounds much better!)

In the early evening I went to the gym and did my normal routine: 15 minutes on the elliptical, full-body weight routine (still unknown to you, but I'll fix that eventually), and some time on the stationary bike (only 12 minutes today - very, very easy).

OK, maybe I did write a bit more than I expected. One can babble quite a bit in exercise-induced delirium.

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