Friday, July 28, 2006

Lazy Day

I'm just having a lazy day today. Got to bed late last night, so I slept in and didn't get up early enough to exercise before the heat. That's OK, I decided, I'll go in the afternoon... or, evening. Or, tomorrow.

OK, so today became an unplanned recharge day.

I also had some Chinese food today for a controlled cheat, which resulted in fast, uncomfortable bloat. Yech. One day I'll learn.

I was considering joining the LBC for a long ride and picnic tomorrow, but I found out that it's intended for intermediates and above. So.... I think I'll pass. Not sure what I'll do instead. I'll figure it out tomorrow. I could run and weight train or run and hike alone, and then join the LBC for the standard slow Sunday ride. Hmmm...

I'll blame today's bleh-ness on a slightly late and slightly painful visit from Aunt Flo, but I'm not sure that that's exactly accurate or honest. (I know, that was really too much information for you, my dear unassuming reader, but you'll have to sometimes tolerate these sorts of things since this is also a journal for my own use).

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