Wednesday, August 30, 2006


OK, the 12-hour days are getting to me. So, I've accepted that, until Friday, I will be taking a break from training and obsessively tracking my food. I have committed that I will be back by (and possibly before) Monday.

Who knows? Though I suspect I'll be too wracked by stress, my body might even be able to do some serious recovery during this time so I may come back even better and stronger.

Until then.


Heather said...

How's the weekend going?

Karen said...

Thanks for asking. Unfortunately I was a bit more of a "bum" than I needed to be. After today's experience, though, I won't let that happen again. Somehow I forgot how much fun all of this is and my mind tricked me into believing that my new lifestyle was a chore to be avoided. Ha! I knew better, and I've been duly reminded.