Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Calorie burning machine

There's a saying - you either eat to ride or ride to eat. Today I rode (and hiked) to eat. And boy, did I enjoy it. I had a real coke and in-n-out... and I still have a healthy 1200+ calorie deficit for today! (Yeah, I know, you purists are cringing at the thought of those empty and/or greasy calories, but come on - how wonderful to have a cheat day without cheating!)

So, today's ride:over 27 flat miles along the river. You see that picture? You'll probably have to click on it to enlarge it, but look at the turquoise wavy line with the arrows on it. That's the route I did today. I went edge to edge in Reno proper. Kind of cool, eh? (I started somewhere in the middle, went West to one end, then East to the other end, then West again to get back to start.) I only went 14.3 mph, but I had to share most of my route with other riders and walkers, and even a fisherman who suddenly decided to cross the route, causing us to almost collide!

Speaking of collisions, there's a bee out there that's either deceased or really scared of bicycles. As I was riding along, I felt a thwack! and figured a really big bug hit my upper arm. When it wasn't getting any better, I saw a bee on my arm, getting ready to sting me (I don't think it actually stung me, but who knows). I may have been a bit forceful when I brushed it off. Poor bee, what a way to go.

This evening I joined the Sierra Club, and we went to the Mt. Rose waterfall. It was about a four mile hike, and we absolutely booked! (The leader was trying to beat sundown.) Time for another lesson: it's cold at 9,000 feet! I showed up in my normal shorts and wicking t-shirt, stepped out of my car, and realized my mistake immediately! It's at least a good thing that I didn't wear my normal Tuesday-night tank top. But, really, the irony: the most over-prepared hiker finds herself in high-altitude cold without a jacket. Ah, well, next time I'll know better.


Gail said...

I saw your thread on the Team Estrogen Forum and was tickled to see someone else from Reno on the site. And then when I flipped over to your Blog and saw the pictures from the Franktown loop (which I had just ridden the day before) I felt my face light up.

I'm not familiar with the blog concept. I would definately like to share experiences with you; we seem to be dealing with similar issues. Is this the place to do that?

Karen said...

Hi Gail!

Nice to meet someone else from Reno on here. I'm going to send you a private message over at Team Estrogen to talk about getting together for a ride.

I saw that you have a blogger profile started, but not finished. Blogging is kind of like journaling, but on the internet where other people can see. So it's more like a one-sided conversation with occasional comments.

But, if you're like me, you'll find that it's a really good way to both vent and share your celebrations!