Friday, August 18, 2006

I've got lights!

OK, after a recent ride in which I was caught out in the dark/dusk without lights, I decided to buy a decent set of headlights and a good taillight. The set I got, by Sigma, seems decent enough for riding out in the true dark, and as a bonus: it came with a little LED light which I can carry when I'm "at risk" of being out in the dark but I don't plan on it.

The girl who helped me while I was picking out lights was cute. There I am, looking at the shop's higher-end halogen lights when I ask her opinion. She holds up a little pen-sized light and tells me that it's popular. Yeah, I'm sure it is, but it's not quite what I'm looking for, is it? :)

I haven't tested out the "real" headlights yet. I'll give an opinion after I do. (Speaking of which, I still haven't done that Garmin 305 review yet...)

Well, it was a short ride today up in the North Valleys. 11.88 miles in about 47 minutes. Average pace: 15 mph. The hills really felt harder today, though. I don't know - I'm just a bit more tired than average lately. It could be my food choices... I'll have to try tightening my nutrition and see if I feel better.

Ah, and I almost forgot, I want to note my "position" at bikejournal.comI'm currently in position 3,658. This is a pretty cool site, by the way, and you can be competitive... kind of. Unfortunately, you're a bit lost in a sea of other riders and it's difficult to really develop a competitive streak against so many other names. Nevertheless, it's fun to play with. Oh, and I am angry at Buggs. He/she is the only name I've noticed and remembered, and he/she really left me in the dust recently! It's not over yet, though...

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