Friday, August 04, 2006

(Well, duh)x2

OK, two things to share today:

1: I am an idiot.
2: I am not an idiot.

I will take these in order.

First, my run today wasn't very good. It was supposed to be 5 minute warm-up, 2.25 mile run (no stopping), and cool-down. First, I had to stop and walk very slowly for a minute at the turn-around point. Then, I had to walk three times on the way back, twice due to a side stich. I couldn't figure out why my run was so bad today.

First, I theorized that it's because I rushed out the door when realizing that I was closer to dusk than I wanted to be, which gave my pre-run electrolyte drink no time to settle. Next, I theorized that the heat was getting to me. Finally, I considered that perhaps it was a case of two steps forward, and one step back (it still may be).

On the drive home, however, I suddenly became aware of what you're probably currently mentally shouting at me, my dear observant reader.

I ran yesterday.

Oh yeah, that. Totally forgot. Well, I remembered last night when I was planning to run again today because I 'd otherwise have to wait until Sunday, and decided that 36 hours between runs should be enough just this once. Yeah, no. OK, so I'm an idiot. Run summary will be at the end of this entry, and I have hereby sworn that I will not attempt to run on consecutive days for at least the next three months.

Now, on to the fact that I'm not an idiot.

I went to a specialist today. It's no big deal, and the situation will probably clear itself up when I succeed at my weight loss, though we've still got some tests to go through.

Now, before I get to my rant I want to point out: I really like this doctor. Great sense of humor, and he could put up with my, well, "issues". And, of course, I totally agree with his recommendation: I need to lose weight if I want to be healthy.

But the following message goes out to all doctors, everywhere: I am not an idiot. Neither is any other adult overweight person. We don't need to hear yet again that the way to lose weight is to exercise more and eat less.

We know, we know, we know.

In fact, I'd say that we overweight people are the biggest experts in what's necessary to achieve weight loss. We have either chosen not to follow the simple formula, for any of a number of reasons, or there are other issues preventing our success.

So, please pay attention, all medical professionals. Here is how the conversation should go from now on: "You're going to need to lose some weight. Do you have any questions about healthy weight loss? Would you like some guidance?"

Nice, clear, simple, and you're not treating us as if we're recovering from a traumatic brain injury.

OK, sorry, but it's obviously not the first time that it's happened to me. Though, I have to say my primary doctor was worse. When I went to see him to get checked out at around 200 pounds, down from 254, he asked me what I was doing to lose weight. Afer listening, he proceeded to criticize it and tell me to stop the weight training and focus on cardio. I think it was shortly after he heard my jaw thud to the ground that he backed up and said, "Of course, what you're doing is working, so who am I to say anything?" Ya think?

And then, when I went to see him for my annual, about 25 pounds heavier (but still not at 254), and knowing that I was already losing weight again, he proceeded to tell me that I should eat 1500 calories a day to lose weight. (At least he didn't say 1200.) When I paused and then said rhetorically, "Oh, you mean if I don't exercise," he continued with, "Well, you'd have to exercise an awful lot to lose weight at 1800 calories a day."


Please note: I've been losing weight at an average intake of about 2200 calories a day. Yes, I know I'll need to continue to reduce my intake as my weight goes down (unless my activity continues to increase), but if I had taken my doctor's advice, I'd be stark raving mad(er).

So, all together now: "Overweight people are not idiots, and are not to be treated as such."

Today's Run: 2.84 miles in 39:49. Overall pace: 14:00/mi. Running pace: 13:14/mi. Primarily flat course.

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h0pfr0g said...

Amen! I hate it when people assume that just because you are overweight that you are just stupid and lazy. If it works for you, then keep doing it.