Saturday, April 04, 2009

What then?

Ah, the joys of needing new clothes. I finally went shopping recently (and, yes, took some goodies to the tailor). After spending a few dollars at that old stand-by for larger women (Lane Bryant), I "earned" some Real Women Dollars. For the uninitiated, those are basically coupons on future purchases. It's actually a pretty good deal.

Of course, I returned to redeem the coupons (and buy some pants this time). (Oh, thanks for asking! I'm down to a just slightly tight 18 in most styles. Yes, I'm very proud, considering that I have been up to a 26!)

So, back to me at the store. I'm standing there, waiting to pay, and looking at the "Real Women Dollars". I then wonder to myself: When I lose so much weight that I can no longer shop at Lane Bryant, will I no longer be a "real woman"?

Yes, I do crack myself up.

The next day, I shared this story with a coworker.

Without missing a beat, she sweetly responded, "No, you'll then be a skinny bitch."

I've decided that I can live with that.

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