Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Visual Reminder to Help Avoid "Fast Filth"

I've written about the disappointment from recent indulgences in fast food before, and others have told me that they have had similar experiences. Of course, the part of me that loves fast food occasionally pretends to have a better memory than the fit me, so I've been reminded of the "meh-ness" of fast food on more than one occasion. Those mouth-watering photos don't help, either.

Wouldn't it be nice to remember the blandness before forking over the dough (and, of course, filling the belly)? Thanks to West Virginia Surf Report, there's a visual "Ad vs. Reality" photo project available to help the fit sides of us win those argument against our lesser halves.

A yech-inducing sample follows, but head on over to the Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality for the full run-down. (Via LifeHacker.) Enjoy.

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