Friday, April 24, 2009

Get Thee to a Banana Tree!

That's what Shakespeare might have told me if he saw me in the pool today. If he were alive. And knew that potassium helps with leg craps. And knew that bananas... Oh, nevermind; you get the idea.

I've gotten Charlie Horses before - in the middle of the night. Agony, you surely know. It's been quite some time since I've had them. I've never gotten them while awake and exercising. Much less in the pool. Egads!

In the middle of a crawl length: the right calf. Owie owie owie! Thank goodness it's a shallow pool! I can't imagine how I would have thrashed around if I couldn't have just stood up (on the no-cramping leg, of course).

OK, fine. We'll cut out the six-beat crawl. Cool it down a bit with a two-beat crawl and on to breast stroke. Five minutes later: the left calf. OOooowwwww!!!!!

The woman in the left lane stopped, empathized, and suggested I stand on it. I politely told her that she must be kidding.

Now, ready for the shocker? I still trudged on and met my goal of 1800 yards today. Go, me!

And go, me... go get a banana!

(Oh, for anyone keeping track: I did get up early on Wednesday, but "slept in" on Thursday (planned) and Friday (cold/windy). Let's see if I keep it up.)

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sukie said...

Good for you woman!!!