Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Lost the Argument... But the War is not yet Over

So, here's how the argument with myself went this morning upon the ring of the alarm:
  • OK, there it is. Let's get up and go!
  • But it's cozy and warm and I'm really tired.
  • Do you remember how good it felt yesterday to get out and run? Our gear is all ready to go.
  • Yes, that was nice, but we're really, really tired and a bit worn down. When's the last time we took a rest day?
  • Um.... I dunno....
  • Aren't rest days important?
  • Er... yes... I guess...
  • Let's think about it. You can't take a rest day tomorrow because you have a club ride. Thursday is your partner run. Do you really want to wait until Friday to rest?
  • Why, you're awfully convincing.
  • I know I am. Reset the alarm and all will be well. We can get up early tomorrow.
  • Promise?
  • Of courzzzzzzz........
Of course, this entire exchange took about three seconds. Perhaps fewer. And it is true; my last full rest day was a full week ago. Now I just need to make sure that I don't let myself make a habit of this. Is it a coincidence that I was dragging at work today? Yeah, I don't think so either.


Cidtalk said...

Ohhhh I soooo identify!! Wonderful stuff! I'm on Gyminee too, found you there. I lost the imaginary 100 pounds :( Keep up the good work.

Arnþór L. Arnarson said...

I've been there. More than once, more than twice. :D

Amy said...

I think the toughest thing is pulling myself out of bed in the morning, especially to work out. . . I think I would of done the same thing as you. haha!

Karen said...

Thanks all for the comments (and sympathy!) It's all a matter of short-term benefit vs. long-term benefit. That short-term looks way too good way too often. (BTW: I made it out of bed early one more time that week. One time was a planed no-go. So I did 50/50. Not the worst possible. Next week should be better.)