Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Cyclist Must be Crazy

Call me crazy(/ier). I signed up for the Flatflower 30mi ride. Now that I've driven all the way out here, I'm thinking of doing the full, hilly 100 miles.

HA! No, not really. BUT... I am seriously considering doing the Flatflower 60 miler.

I mean, it's hill-free. I've done over 20 miles with hills. 30 flat miles just seems... so... so... inconsequential.

No, you don't need to remind me of the last time I shot for 60 miles. If you remember, despite "cheating", I did actually ride over 60 miles. But it's not quite relevant because that was quite some time (and pounds and fitness, back and forth) ago.

So... what to do? I really think that I can do it if I pace myself properly. I'm thinking, what, a nice leisurely 12-14 miles per hour? (Flats, remember.)

Since the 30 and 60 overlap each other, I can actually start with the 30 and see how I feel at the first rest stop before making a final decision.

Oh, the conundrum! I really don't want to have to rely on SAG support. On the other hand, I don't want to do less than my capabilities. (And, really, I did kind of load up on calories and carbs at today's Spaghetti feed... so those calories/carbs need to go somewhere...)

Well, all I can say right now is, "Stay tuned." It's bound to be epic one way or the other. Wish me wisdom!

(Oh, and for those wondering about my integrity: I actually asked during check-in about switching to the 60. The answer: "I don't care what you do! People change the routes all the time, adding hills or whatever." Um, ok then...)

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