Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What a sweet compliment (I think).

To my delight, people have been commenting on my loose clothing. I've safety-pinned some pants and skirts so they'll stay up. I've dug out some too-small clothing that was gathering dust. Often, the previously too-small clothing has already become too-big clothing. Sometimes it's still a bit too-small, but most often it fits about right. I also bit the bullet and went shopping, but didn't buy a lot. (I don't plan to stay this size for long.)

So, anyway, I'm in this weird place where my clothes are way too big or just a tiny bit too small. A couple of times, I've put on a shirt from the closet and instantly dropped it into our charity box, slightly irritated that it's already too loose. (In a gee, shucks sort of way, of course.) More often, though, I'll wear it baggy.

Today, in my mailbox, I found a card from a business not very close to our school. I thought it odd, so I asked around, and it seems that I'm the only person to receive this business card. I'll take it as a compliment that someone is giving me a "hint", and send out a silent "thank you" to the anonymous person who put it in my mailox.

The card? It's for an alterations shop.

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