Thursday, October 01, 2009

Yes, Well, and Now?

Hey, look who's still around.

So, what am I doing. (Yeah, that's an interrogatory sentence ending with a period. What of it?)

Well, the good news is that I'm still here. And here. And here. And a few other places. That means that my demon, whoever she is, doesn't have a complete stranglehold. I'm still holding myself accountable, at least on some level. Also, I'm cooking a bit again (i.e., not all of my food comes in a take-out bag anymore). So there's still hope. (Well, actually, there's always hope, is there not?)

Now there's the question of Saturday. The No Hill Hundred.


One hundred miles? Definitely out. A metric? Possible, but not likely. Thirty-five miles? Should be doable... but will I? Will I, indeed.

I think I shall. It may be just what I need to help me get my head on straight again. Get my priorities straight.

Will I? I think, yes.


Cidtalk said...

Keep keepin' on woman!! We are here with you. This week I baked a homemade almond cake with about a zillion caloris and ate 3/4 of it, then had my favorite food at a Mexican restaurant....but then I went to the gym (small dose, treadmill only), and today am having a vegfest, fruit, water, etc.
It's like riding that bike, sometimes you go up a stupid hill, and sometimes you go down:)

Fe-lady said...

DO IT!! You will be glad you did! :-)