Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ugh. (But with a Promise)

Today was a bleh day. My quads are killing me. It's official that I fried them with the squats/lunges on Monday and then completely burned them with yesterday's run. (So much for aiding recovery.) I've done the foam roller thing a few times, but it's not helping as much as normal. I'm still walking funny, or feel like I am, and I'm having problems getting up and down. The biggest sign that I'm in trouble: I'm wishing that we had a handrail for our whopping three steps out our front door. I'm surely a sight hobbling up and down our front steps. (I'm pretty sure I saw the older gentleman walking his little dog past our house chuckling when he saw me.)

So, anyway, I took today off, despite how much the road was calling to me and my bike (and my new cadence sensor - yay!). Sadly, my appetite did not take the day off. I had a weird afternoon "binge". No explanation, no excuses. Let's just say that I got in enough carbs that I should have plenty of energy tomorrow. For whatever I do... so I'd better do something.

But I highly doubt that my legs will have recovered enough by tomorrow to do my planned strength training. I am optimistic that I might be able to get in either a hike or an easy ride (or maybe a swim) tomorrow, but lunges and squats are out. So is, I believe, running. Um, yeah.

Nevertheless, I've made a promise to myself: Even if my legs are still aching tomorrow, I'll still hit the weight room at the gym. Just because my legs are off the hook doesn't mean I can't do upper body and core work. The legs will just skip a session. No biggie. I've made a commitment to strength training twice weekly, and I'll do the best I can to maintain it.

Do I get a gold star now?

Wait, even better: Will you just promise me that if you happen to see an overweight woman gingerly lowering herself with both hands onto the weight benches tomorrow... you won't laugh. At least not out loud. OK, at least not louder than the music in her (my) headphones. That's reasonable, right? Right.


Arnþór L. Arnarson said...

Hi its me again (always commenting away like there is no tomorrow).

Just want to say that you should not beat your self up about this, just adjust your pans and roll with it. Just like you seem to be doing anyway. And some how I doubt that people are laughing even if you are fumbling a bit, it is probably more a mental manifestation of you beating your self up for not being able to perform up to your own standards at the moment. I might be wrong of course. ;)

But I am at any rate routing four you and I'm not laughing. Just take it easy and do some easy maintenance.

Karen said...

Hey, I always appreciate comments!

I'm not beating myself up... I am just sad that I can't do as much right now as I'd like to. Being on vacation, it's a little frustrating to be sitting around as a result of overdoing something.

And trust me, it's comical to see me get up and down. I'd probably raise an eyebrow if I saw another otherwise heathy and young(ish) person moving as I currently am. But that's OK. At least I'll be doing what I can. That's much more important.

Thanks for checking in. :)