Thursday, June 25, 2009

Checking In

Not much to say today, but I promised (to myself) that I would try to post no less frequently than every other day during the summer. (Have to keep the brain cells going somehow, right?)

So, I'm keeping up on my weight training and making some good gains in strength. The scale isn't moving in any significant manner, but I've decided that I don't care. Ha! Just kidding. Sure, I care, but it is what it is, and here's what's making me feel much, much better about it: My bodyfat is steadily dropping.

For example, last Saturday, my super-secret spreadsheet showed me that, while I had only lost 0.2 pounds in averaged weight, I had lost 0.6 pounds in averaged bodyfat. So I gained lean body mass. Sure, 0.4 pounds in lean body mass may sound incredibly insignificant, but considering how much lean mass I had previously been losing, this huge. (Typically, about half of my weight loss would be lean body mass. Yuck!) Would I rather still be dropping bodyweight? Sure, of course. But this is what it is for now, and as long as I'm progressing in some way, I can't be down on myself. (And, as regular readers know, I am progressing in many ways.)

One last note: My 5k is next weekend! Egads. Because I've put all my faith in lactate threshold training, I actually haven't run a solid 5k this year (without stopping). Of course, with only eight days between now and then, and my planned "taper" (ha!), I'm certainly not going to try now. However, I suspect that, once I put aside heart rate and lactate threshold for the race, focusing only on a reasonable and maintainable pace, I'll actually be able to run the whole thing.

The only thing that makes me a bit nervous (yeah, there is this) is that the 5k is about 2,000 feet higher than my stomping grounds. Yes, that change in elevation could be a problem. Or maybe it won't be. And if it is? Oh well, I'll do better next year. At least I'm getting out there. That's more than I can say about myself this time last year.

Well, that's it. Now stop reading silly blogs and go do something.


Arnþór L. Arnarson said...

You will do fine. If you come up short you will go the rest on willpower and adrenaline. (As this is 5k - and not a marathon.)

Karen said...

I appreciate your confidence. I have no doubt that I'll finish. That said, considering that I used to struggle to make it just a quarter of a mile without stopping/walking (and considering the elevation), there is a (small) risk that I won't make my goal of running the whole way. But that's OK. It's still all a matter of PR. ;)