Sunday, January 11, 2009

Taking Victories as They Come.

I just noticed that it's become official: I am no longer morbily obese. I am currently "merely" obese. I do look forward to the day on which I can simply call myself overweight, but I suspect that I may become content in the lower range of the overweight category, shifting my attention to lean muscle mass rather than a number on a BMI chart. (145 lbs will the be magic number that pulls me right to the cusp of a "normal" BMI maximum of 24.9.) But that's a decision to be made about a year down the road.

For now, this victory stands on its own. Go, me!

Footnote: Speaking of BMI, I found something interesting semi-randomly while googling. It's a Flickr set: Illustrated BMI Categories. And no, I'm not there. Maybe I'll throw up a picture at some time in the future, but not yet. One thing at a time.


Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

Congratulations on being 'merely obese'. This 'down scale' shows the world that you have the will power,tenacity and sheer strength to attain your very goal. Keep striding on with pride. All the best to a new you :).

Karen said...

Thanks for the nice words of encouragement! Tenacity: I like that adjective. I'm stubborn in all other areas of my life; why shouldn't my stubbornness help here? :)