Monday, January 19, 2009

Is This What They Call the Wall?

Actually, I know the answer: no. Nevertheless, I have to cut myself a break today on what was supposed to be a 2.5 mile run. I'm not exactly happy about it, but I do have to cut myself some slack considering my running and cycling the past two days.

I wasn't going to stop. I had made it over halfway. But, then, I did. (stop=walk, for the record). It was only going to be a .05 mi. walk. Until it became a .10 mi. walk. Or, make that a .15 mi. walk. Followed up shortly after a short run by another .?? mi. walk. And again. According to my GPS software, I ran about 2.05 miles in total and walked the rest.

(Well, actually, it claims that I jogged 2.05 miles... I'm not fast enough to have ever run, even during my end-of-the-run-sprint, according to the software. Sorry, I don't know if I'll ever be running 10:00 minute miles, Mr. SportTracks, and you'll just have to make due with that.)

You know, though, it wasn't that long ago that I was ecstatic with jogging 90 seconds, so I really shouldn't beat myself up over only running a little over two miles. So I won't. To top it off, I then came home and did my weight training.

All in all, it really was not a bad fitness day. I'll take tomorrow as a rest day and I'll get the 2.5 miles done on Wednesday. Not a problem.


David Donovan said...

I'm a Family Doctor in Cambridge (UK) and I have linked your blog to our new weight reduction program blog.I hope that's ok with you. I'm sure our new 'recruits' will enjoy your honesty and regular updates to show it really can be done! well done and thanks for the committed updating!

best wishes

Dr David Donovan

Karen said...

I don't mind at all; in fact, I'm somewhat flattered. I skimmed your link and I see many of the same arguments I've been making for quite some time. Good luck with your endeavor. I believe that your perspectives and foci are refreshingly right on track for your group's and your patients' success.

Besides, I love fresh pomelos.