Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Step Forward

OK, I'll admit it: I'm a bit nervous. I thought about yesterday's post and it's somewhat reminiscent of the posts I made leading up to my departure years ago. Not identical, but reminiscent. A key difference is that I'm much more resolved right now, whereas I was a bit more whiny back then.

So, I started to look at some differences between then and now. First, I've hit a lower weight, so I've technically broken through my previous wall (technically). Next, I have more upcoming events than I did back then, so I need to keep up the training. Most importantly, perhaps, I have a therapist. I did that on purpose, remember? I knew that I had always hit a wall in the past, so I "hired"(?) a therapist quite some time ago so she could help me break through that wall.

So, really, no excuses. Staying at this weight: OK. Losing more weight: Great. Gaining weight back: Not an option.

The same for sport/exercise. Staying at this level: OK. Relaxing just a teeny bit: Fine. Picking it up: Superb. Returning to couch-potatohood: Not an option.

For today, I've been eating OK. Not fantastic, no deficit, but also no junk/fast food to kick me way over maintenance.

I also went for a hard run. They say that the hardest part of a workout is lacing up the shoes. Definitely true. Once I got out there, I wondered why I hadn't been running the past few days. It's a blast! No, it's not easy by any means, but it feels good. Why deprive myself of the joys of sport?

Tomorrow: A bike ride. Maybe even a swim in the evening.

(For those paying extraordinary attention (even a bit too much attention, perhaps, but I won't judge): Since I skipped my weight training session on Thursday, I've decided that that will be my deload week leading up to beginning The New Rules of Lifting. So I'll start that soon.)

So, is everything roses? Not yet. But at least I can still see the flowers for the thorns.


Arnþór L. Arnarson said...

If I were you right now, which I am not, I know, I would focus on working out each day. I find it is hard to keep a routine once it has more than one off days. But once it is some thing one does each and every day, it becomes easy as breathing. The hardest part when the program derails is to get back on the track, not so much to reach the same level again. After you have got your program back on track I think the diet will be easier and also the self talk will be more positive, and every thing will become so much easier.

Cidtalk said...

I disagree about the work out everyday routine. I know myself and I HATE the routine!! It is demotivating like nothing else. I have to go when I feel like it and what happens is it becomes more and more and more something I look forward to because I don't make it a ritual or part of my schedule. It's more fun and more exciting to go about every other day, or 3 days in a row, or 7 days in a row, or skip 3 days...and I've lost 30 pounds, so it's not like it's a flawed system. I lose it slow slow slow. I'd rather drink more water and eat more salad some days and other days eat cake and go work out. It works so much better for me. So, not everyone can be productive with the old school idea of do it do it do it do it day after day after day after day...some of us need to make our own rules to make our bodies feel good from the inside.

Arnþór L. Arnarson said...

Perhaps you dislike the word 'routine' and perhaps a better word would be a 'grove' or 'rhythm'.

Karen said...

@Arnþór L. Arnarson: No, you're not me and I'm not you... but you do have a point. (Yes, mark today on the calendar. We're in agreement, lol.) If something has to give, the exercise should be the very last thing. I've said that myself a number of times (not quite, but close). Out of all the things to focus on, I believe that exercise should be at or near the top. I know that there are people who would disagree with me, but I'd rather exercise and not lose weight than diet and not lose weight. And I can tell that if I diet without having my heart in it, I still will "cheat" and not lose weight. So, exercise it is. But not every day. I think I'll shoot for six out of seven.

Karen said...

@Cidtalk: I get what you're saying, I really do. But I think that I do need to set a routine to a certain point right now. Part of what got me this far (and why I've stalled a bit) on the weight loss was a fairly set routine with food. No, I didn't eat the same thing every day, but I ate at set times and I had a rhythm to dinner, leftovers for lunch, my green smoothies at breakfast and snack-time, and certain snacks that worked well. It wasn't so much the routine, perhaps, as the structure within which I was very flexible.

So, if I can set the same for my workouts, I might be in good shape. (Ha! Get it? OK, yeah, whatever...)

I agree that it's all about what works for the individual, but I think that this could very well be a good direction for me refocusing on what's most important (to me). :)