Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Help Me Lose Weight."

We had just finished lunch when that sentence was thrown at me by a friend. Wow, I take that as a huge compliment. At the same time, I was flummoxed. I think I was looking at him as if I were waiting for a punchline, so he followed up with, "I want to lose weight. Tell me what to do."

Um, OK. Still flummoxed. First, there was the whole issue that I didn't think that he needs to lose weight, but I figured there was no point in saying that. I hated it when people would say it to me when I had already made it clear that I was "ok" with wanting to lose some weight. He didn't ask me whether he should lose weight; he wanted to know how to lose weight.

I had to ponder. After what seems like thousands of internet discussions and even a couple of long-winded posts on how to lose weight here, I now needed to boil it down to the absolute essence of weight loss. The magic keys to the kingdom, as it were.

I pondered.

I then responded, and many readers will be completely unsurprised by this response.

I have to count calories.

I can exercise or not exercise, but I have to count calories. I prefer to exercise because it allows me to eat more.

I can eat crap or I can eat healthfully, but it comes down to calories. I prefer to eat healthful foods because it makes me feel better and more satisfied. Within reason, of course. If I ate 90% carbs and fat, I really wouldn't do well, but you know what I mean.

It all comes down to counting calories.

He looked a little disappointed. There was no magic bullet. It was nothing he hadn't tried before. It was a hard job that he'd have to work at. Ultimately, it was an answer he already knew.

Shortly thereafter, we arrived at the crux of the matter: Motivation. That, he knew without asking, was all on him. Only one person can motivate you, and that's you.

I guess I'm not much of a sage, but at least I say it as I see it. That's something.


Cidtalk said...

I disagree about the calories, for me anyway. I don't count anything. The thing is, I eat better, less bulk, and more often.

My road to losing pounds is exercise exercise exercise. I can eat healthy and weight drips off, but if I just walk a little more, move a little more, and a little more, that's when my body changes. In fact, I can eat semi-poorly, and if I exercise the weight still comes off, slow, but it comes off.

I guess it's up to everyone to actually find their path to their goals.

I don't have goals though. I don't watch what I do. I tried to keep track of calories, miles, heart rate, etc...didn't work. I got bored, frustrated, and it seemed like I needed to concentrate more on feeling good and less on the numbers.

My husband is a number person though, so it takes all kinds :)

Karen said...

Certainly this is up to disagreement. I know people who will tell me it's about the carbs (though I'll argue back that the carbs are directly linked to the calories). Just like religion, no one answer is right for everyone.

I just found it amusing that, when someone actually turns to me for advice, I don't quickly have an answer. And then, when I do, it's disappointing.

Cidtalk said...

I would say it's not disappointing so much as everyone is looking for the magic wand..just like you and I....and there is none. People want to hear, "I ate cake and drank soda 10 times a day and the pounds just melted off!" THAT would be the answer they want. Eat better, exercise more isn't very sexy..haha