Sunday, March 21, 2010

Popping In...

I just registered in the National Blood Marrow Donor Program. Not saying you should, but this led me to post the cute "little" sidebar badge you see somewhere around the middle of the page on the right. If you decide to register, it seems to be free right now, and you could save a life.

Startling realization: If I regain much more weight, I will be disqualified from donating, should a match be found. There's a gotcha I never expected.

Anywho, I just thought I'd pop in with a quick update. I'm getting out nearly every day, whether it's to walk, work in the garden, turn the compost (that's a workout, dernit!) or even socialize with coworkers. (Yes, I'm rebuilding a life.) I still haven't hopped on the bike again, nor have I built up to running or returning to the gym. But, hey, it's good enough that the fog is slowly lifting.

Oh, and I also completed my application to grad school! (Cross your fingers for me!) And I'm getting my finances under control! OK, so neither of those are particularly "athletic", but they are most certainly good signs that I'm facing in the right direction again. So, um, yeah. Facing forward. That counts for something.

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